Does anybody have experience owning and operating a dry cleaning business? I'm particularly interested in businesses that specialize in premium, couture garment clothing cleaning and alterations. Do wonder if this niche within the industry is worth pursuing?

Currently, I'm looking at a business where revenue is 30% from 5-star hotels and designer retail stores, and the other 70% are high-income households. The business also has the capacity to increase production without further investment. Finally, there's also an ongoing effort to ban PERC or PCE cleaning solvent in the US, the business already phased out the chemical, and runs an eco-friendly operation.

Looking at the IBISWorld report, here are the industry trends: (1) reduced demand for casual clothing dry cleaning, (2) increased demand for household laundry units, (3) increased demand for a relaxed dress code in the workplace, and (4) increased demand for low-maintenance clothing fabrics, such as cotton and polyester.

Any recommendations or feedback is greatly appreciated.