Hi All,
My name is Mark Kuske and I am the founder and managing principal of Frog Hill Capital LLC. Frog Hill is an investment firm focused on the acquisition of a business in the Pacific Northwest. I am currently enrolled in Wharton’s Executive MBA program in San Francisco and will be graduating in###-###-#### My career started in the US military where I served for seven years in Navy SEAL Teams. Post-service, I transitioned to working in finance, specifically real estate private equity. During this time, I worked on Wall Street for Goldman Sachs & Co. and managed large portfolios of real estate on behalf of investors.
Though I am currently self-funding my search, I will be looking for equity down the road and I am interested in connecting with investors, searchers, brokers, interns, and other all-around good people.

My Background: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-kuske/

Founder & Managing Principal - Frog Hill Capital LLC, www.froghillcapital.com

Real Estate Private Equity: -Goldman Sachs & Co. -Killian Pacific -EMMES Group of Companies -60 Guilders
United States Navy SEAL