I am currently doing a search within the target area of Wisconsin/Northern Illinois for a home care, hospice or assisted living facility. I am open to other areas, but these are my primary focuses at this time. I have a master's in geriatrics and used to own a care management practice. I have an MBA and have worked extensively in hospice and home care. I am also a certified executive coach and have used my skills to help many companies improve operations and increase business valuation. I have done this in businesses from SME to large companies like Salesforce, Amazon, Deutsche Bank, etc.

Having said all this, I am wondering if I should be doing a self-funded search or a traditional search. I was previously devoted to a self-funded search, but I am now seeing some of the attractiveness of doing a traditional search. Is there anyone that I need to be in touch with in terms of investors in the traditional space? Who can you point me to so we can have a conversation? Many thanks in advance.