Hello SF Community, I recently looked at a deal in Houston, TX with a asking price of $5M (Asset heavy construction service industry with 3.5-4M FMV equipments). Signed NDA & got the CIM, but it didn't had the seller details, company name. Reached out to the broker and got a response "We’re not quite giving away that information just yet". I am encountering this the first time. Is this very common.

Then I tried to setup a call with the broker, 3 voice messages, 2 email, and 4 days wait, got an email response, "Unfortunately, the available funds you indicated on the NDA is insufficient to complete this transaction."
"we do not give exclusivity unless funds are first proved. There has been a lot of interest in this business, particularly with those who are bringing their own money to the table. Let’s part ways."

Broker hasn't spoken to me at all in the whole situation. Without having an LOI, how a self funded searcher can prove the funding beyond the 2-5% cash in hand. (I did provided the letter of support from LOB). Any other self funded searchers faced similar experience. How do I better equip to avoid similar situation going forward. All advices are much appreciated.