Hi All,

I plan to launch my self-funded search in 2021 and my geographical focus will be Central/Western, Southern and Northern Europe as I am relatively indifferent with regard to where in these regions I live/settle down. I currently live in Sydney, Australia but because my family lives in Europe (Belgium) I want to move back after 13 years living abroad, mostly on other continents.

My question is three-fold:

1. To what degree can I run some (maybe only pre-stages are possible?) of the search while still living in Australia?
2. Is "Europe" as a geographical focus too broad? My plan would be to live rent-free at my mothers' summer apartment in the south of Spain (~1 hour from an airport but by the beach, not really a place where people work), and use remote interns - any holes that you can poke in this strategy? Would I be better off moving to a hub like London, renting space at WeWork and having my interns co-locate?
3. Given my timeline, I have about 18 months until I start my search - how could I best prepare whilst still working a full-time job to hit the ground running when I launch?

I am still relatively new to this world so any thoughts/ input would be very appreciated.

Thanks a million!