Hi Searchfunder Community:

After informally advising and investing in multiple self-funded searchers, we are excited to announce Pursuant Search Partners: an incubator specifically for self-funded searchers!

Our incubator was developed with one goal: to increase the likelihood that self-funded searchers will successfully search, close, transition and operate small companies. Self-funded search can be very challenging when done “alone,” so our incubator provides the guidance and resources of an experienced partner/investor while maintaining the benefit of self-funded economics (majority ownership and control for the searcher).

We know exactly how hard it is to be a self-funded searcher, so we are hosting an in-person, 4-day Bootcamp to share everything we know about the search process. Plus, we are providing a dedicated Deal Team (M&A lawyer, QofE, SBA lender, insurance and tax structuring) to help our searchers execute their transactions. Our searchers will also have access to equity investors with deep experience in self-funded search investing.

We are accepting applications for the summer 2021 cohort. If you or anyone you know may be interested in joining, check out our website to learn more: Pursuantcapital.com/incubator (or email: --@----.com