Hi All, I just closed on a. business after an 11-month full-time self funded search. Below is a cheat sheet of sorts of the things i found especially helpful/insightful. Hopefully this will save you a lot of time/money/energy. Best of luck on you search!

The case for self-funded search https://acquiringminds.co/articles/jordan-carter-robert-graham-search-investment-group

Website Inspiration / best practices https://jimsteinsharpe.com/building-your-search-website/

a list of the top self-funded search investors - https://mainshares.com/learn/the-top-self-funded-search-fund-investors-in-2023

SearchFunder.com - (obviously you are already here) social media for searchers. they also have a business directory. the lists are very affordable, especially when you don't need email addresses.

Rocket Reach - once you narrow down your list, Rocket Reach is a fairly affordable way to get email addresses.

Gmass - this is a free app that you can install onto your gmail, and then tracks opens, clicks, and responses.

Non-disclosure agreement - I found this free NDA template. I like to use the "one way" NDA. https://nondisclosureagreement.com/business-sale.html

A list of every single business broker in America. this is insane, but maybe helpful. https://businessbrokersrated.com/list-of-all-business-brokers/

Acquiring Minds episode where they talk about the "big 3 rule" and walk through adequate deal flow math. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1W59trn4A-c

2023 Self-Funded Search Study https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Aq1XHtCNtVD0_Jkx8CAYyDF20YpPCERh/view