I'd like to start reaching out to senior debt lenders and would like to narrow my focus. 

I'd like to know if anyone would be willing to share any comparative analysis models that have been put together illustrating a side by side comparison of senior debt lender terms and requirements. Here are some examples of the selection criteria that I was planning on using to make an informed decision. 

  1. 1. Loan Type: Cash Flow vs. Asset Based Loans
  2. 2. Maximum Loan Amount
  3. 3. Loan To Value
  4. 4. Covenant Ratio Requirements
  5. 5. Repayment Schedule Flexibility
  6. 6. Personal Guarantee Requirements
  7. 7. Rates & Fees
  8. 8. Subordinate Loan contribution entitlements
  9. 9. Collateral Requirements

I'd be happy to see any models that have been put together even if they do cover all of the terms above. I'd also be happy to expand the model as needed and share with the group when complete. Appreciate anyone's help here.