Hi all, Montage Partners is actively seeking new relationships with self-funded searchers to acquire established and successful companies in the lower middle market ($1M - $5M of EBITDA). We provide equity capital to help close your transaction once you’ve identified the right company to acquire. Alternatively, we can work collaboratively to source the right company and execute diligence and closing workstreams together via our Successor President Program (see

We remain active and have completed four new platform investments since[redacted]half involved supporting an entrepreneur (new to the business) to acquire the target company – see Craft Beverage Cooperative and Advantco (see

In addition to our equity capital and access to our network of lenders, transaction advisors, and other resources, we offer you: 1) an economic opportunity on par with traditional search funds, and 2) an ability to maintain control of your transaction during diligence (i.e. we're not interested in competing with you for your transaction) and to operate the company post-closing without us telling you how to run it.

If you aren’t interested in a traditional search fund or have had your search period lapse, we could be a good fit for you.

Please reach out to me directly at [redacted] if you’re interested in a conversation.