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Hello Searchfunder Community, 

My name is David Nows, and I am a researcher at Central Michigan University.  My colleague, Lauren Zettel, and I are studying entrepreneurship-through-acquisition (ETA).  We have designed a study that requires us to interview successful searchers who have run a business post-acquisition to learn more about their experiences.  Our research aims to understand the life and career paths that have led searchers to ETA, the motivations of those searchers, the key processes and events in both the acquisition and growth phases, as well as the ultimate outcomes of ETA for the searcher. 

We hope that those of you who meet our above criteria would be willing to participate in a virtual interview about your experience with ETA.  We anticipate that the interview will last approximately one hour, but we can accommodate any constraints on your time and schedule.

If you are interested and would like to learn more about the study, please follow the link above to a webpage that contains more information about the study.  At the same link, you may also give your informed consent to participate in the study.  If you choose to complete the informed consent document, either Lauren or I will reach out within three business days to schedule a time for the interview.  

We appreciate your time and encourage you to reach out with any questions. David is available to field your questions via direct message on the Searchfunder platform, by e-mail, or by phone.

Thank you, 

David Nows, J.D.  Assistant Professor  |  Central Michigan University  P: ###-###-####  |

Lauren Zettel, Ph.D.  Assistant Professor | Central Michigan University  P: ###-###-####   |  E: