Hello everyone,

I’m reaching out for support. Due to my recent separation, I’m facing hurdles in pursuing another acquisition. I’m also passionate about my SaaS, but it’s currently too small to fully sustain me, and its demands make it difficult to secure a full-time role.

So, I’m open to ongoing consulting gigs. I offer you the expertise of a tech leader with the hands-on skills of an engineer. My approach is results-driven—I don't just strategize, I implement.

With over a decade of experience in tech, my resume includes designing network infrastructures for giants like Google, spearheading the management and development of a full-stack Ruby SaaS, and innovating as a network engineer at an ISP with scripts that automate common processes.

I’ve successfully negotiated agreements with enterprise clients, state, and local governments, and have experience with federal agencies. If you’re looking to enhance your tech capabilities without the overhead of a full-time role or the high costs of typical consultants, this is a great opportunity to get effective, affordable support!