Hi All,

I am looking to purchase a niche business with preferred criteria of the following and would love any recommendations regarding deal flow and/or anyone that has come across a business that fits the below criteria. I am also staying very active on many of the primary business brokerage marketplaces. As a note, this transaction will utilize SBA financing.

Thank you in advance!

Preferred Criteria: A business that was established >5 years ago, sells a niche product or service in a large market with >50% repeat customers and high upside potential. The preferred gross margins would be >50% with an SDE minimum of $250k. This business would likely be lacking a strong online presence (ads, marketing, sales), technology implementation (streamlined processes), and sales + business development strategy. I am also looking for a business that is relatively simple to understand with no "Keyman" issues, meaning that the business would likely not function without the owner's personal relationships/knowledge.