Hello All,

I am a principal in a venture to consolidate the Cyber and SaaS industries, but remain open to other industries.

I’m assembling a world class Board of Directors with experience in Mergers and Acquisitions which will be augmented with industry experts, as well as excellent legal and accounting representation.

Founding Board members will be given a small piece of founder's equity and will never be asked to contribute capital. Respecting the reputations of our Board members and conducting our business accordingly will be a core operating principal.

Buying criteria:

  • Must be in business for a minimum of 10 years with solid/audited financials
  • Industry: Technology/Cyber, but remain open to other industries if buying criteria is met.
  • Minimum of 20% profit margin (this can be gross) and paying 3 to 4 times EBITDA (as low as 1.5 if possible).
  • Minimum of $300K EBITDA for the deal to be considered a hot deal if I'm paying as close to a million for the deal to be worth my time.

    Thank you,

    DeShawn Johnson