Greetings. I am a self funded searcher and recently closed on a very large restoration business. The business economics are very favorable (i.e. huge TAM, very strong EBITDA margins) and I am seeking investors to help me grow. In brief, the business is located in NYC and is well positioned to be one of the largest restoration businesses in the country due to a few factors: very large territory and high property values, highest claims payouts in nation, old buildings (all with water, mold issues), vertical structures, largest concentration of commercial structures in the nation, hard regulatory environment (keeps competitors out), etc. Business has all the classic characteristics of an enduring business: immune to economic cycle, fragmented competitive market, no single customer concentration, hard to disrupt, essential business, etc. Business is differentiated in the market due to scope of services, brand, professionalism, and my unique background in insurance.

I have funded the business 100% with my own money to date, with minimal debt (<100K).

Happy to share a deck with more details. Please PM me here for more info or email me at .

Thanks! Seth