Here's the opportunity: the state of California instituted the Low Carbon Fuel Standard program requiring utility companies to source a certain percentage of their power from renewables. This company builds and maintains anaerobic digesters, which use biomass to produce renewable natural gas (RNG). Money is made by (1) selling the gas, which can be pumped directly into utility pipelines and (2) selling carbon credits on the market.

The company currently has 3 locations secured for their first installations (dairy farms in California). Financing for the equipment and operating capital should be complete by the end of July. Engineering team is in place. Technology is mature and ready for commercial applications. However, the company is PRE-REVENUE. Revenue will be very stable, but won't start coming in until the reactors are complete.

Seller is a successful entrepreneur who wants to slow down because he's near 70 and his wife just got diagnosed with cancer. He wants to sell 100% of the company for $5-7M. He will pay for a 3rd party valuation once we can prove ability to close a deal.

The reason I am posting here is that this is going to require more cash than I have. My original investment plan was to max out an SBA 7a, but no bank is going to lend for this.

Please no inquiries suggesting earnouts or anything like that. This will require a significant amount of cash and we all need to be comfortable with that.

If you're interested or have investor referrals, please PM me or send a message to [redacted] Let's start off with a brief phone call. I have investor materials available if you sign an NDA.