I'm a former searcher now operating a fast-growing manufacturing business in aerospace, defense, and chemicals. I'm looking for our first general manager for our site in northwestern Louisiana between Bossier City and Minden. This role will have P&L ownership over two plants, a legacy plant and a new-build plant. Expected annual revenue will reach into the 8 figures in the next couple of years with a team size in the###-###-#### range, depending on growth you can achieve. I'll highly value prior technical and manufacturing leadership experience. I'm also looking for someone who will be in it for the long term.

I've seen a good number of folks on Searchfunder with the right experience for this role, and this would be a great way to get a high-level operational role. I know from my own experience that the search and DD can be interesting, but operating is what I was really looking to get to. If you might be interested, please reach out on LinkedIn (I check that more than Searchfunder messages).