Hi, gents!

My situation: 34 y/o finance professional with US-based undergad degree, CFA. 10 years of experience in banking and private equity, last 3 years - finance and strategy business partner in a niche emerging market leader (wealth management sector). Professional aspiration - partner alongside a visionary CEO in the role of a CFO/operating partner within a permanent capital concept.
I am currently considering relocation options to the US/Canada and strategizing on various career scenarios, I understand that Ivey-league MBA is the most straightforward option, but its only upside for me (access to network) is heavily truncated with costly time and capital investments, that can be spent more efficiently at this point of my career. Beyond that, I am getting stuck with seeing other options...
If you know any stories about less conventional paths to ETA, I would highly appreciate hearing them out. Especially if they involve non-US citizens.

Also, if you could refer someone who can provide professional ETA-career advisory and has worked with foreign nationals seeking permanent relocation to America, that would be fantastic!