Hey there!

I'm on the lookout for broker recommendations specifically tailored to non-citizens like myself. While I haven't reached out to brokers yet, I understand that being a non-citizen might pose some challenges for traditional loan options (unfortunately, I'm still in the process of obtaining my GC, but I'm actively working on it).

I'm eager to explore different avenues to structure my deal effectively, including options like SBA and non-SBA senior debt. In terms of my financial standing, I've been living and doing business in the US for the past 6 years, so I have a strong credit history and score. Right now, my main assets include my house and 401k. However, I'm also in the process of liquidating some overseas assets to increase my liquidity (expecting around $0.5M in cash and cash-equivalents in the US).

I'd really appreciate any insights or recommendations you might have for brokers who specialize in assisting non-citizens like myself.

P.S. While I know that mezzanine financing is a relevant alternative, my primary focus here is on understanding the landscape for senior debt options before considering mezzanine financing as an addition or replacement.

Thanks in advance!