I'm in the process of acquiring a business through an SBA 7a loan, and I'm considering bringing on an investor to help fund a portion of the deal. I'm looking for advice on fair and reasonable deal structures that could work for both myself and the investor.

Based on my research, I've learned that a typical SBA 7a loan could be structured with 75% from the loan, 15% from a seller note, and 10% from equity (from investors). I'm interested in hearing from anyone in the community who has experience with SBA 7a deals and can offer insights into how to structure deals with investors that are fair and beneficial for both parties.

Specifically, I'm wondering if anyone has experience with investor terms similar to the following:

-20% common equity -10% preferred return -Liquidation preference (investors get their money back before any proceeds get split up among the common shareholders)

If anyone has experience with similar investor terms or has alternative suggestions for fair deal structures, I would greatly appreciate any insights or advice.

Thank you in advance for your help and input.