Seeking capital provider who can assist with the following:

  1. 1. Advance $5 million over the next 3 months against our receivables (commissions on tax credits), and $20-30 million by December. Net income is around $500k/ month at the moment and growing by 30-50% per month.

  2. 2. Advance $20-30 million per month or provide a line of credit. We have $40M per month (growing at 20-30% per month) in receivables on a deal we're doing and need a way to finance 30% of receivables.

A key challenge is receivables takes 180 days to collect (however they are government backed). Our business is less than a year old, so we're also likely looking for a private lender.

I'd prefer to work directly with a source vs. through an intermediary. Thanks!

Please leave a comment below with your contact info and whether you're the direct lender or an intermediary. I can provide a 1 pager and pro-forma. Going anonymous for this post so I don't get a million calls / LinkedIn messages.