I don't know if this is common knowledge since I'm learning as I go but in case solo searchers are not doing this stuff, here is what I've learned. Google everything you can find in the CIM/CBR.

I was looking at a business that looked great on paper until I discovered (using Google, Linkedin, and my state's business entity lookup) that the seller's son had opened exactly the same company a few miles up the road. I've found several businesses with questionable affiliations which if nothing else allow for pointed questions pre-LOI.

I was looking at a different business and discovered most of the employees were related to the owner via bloodline or marriage. This took a bit more Googling work than normal but it was like a thread on a sweater that I just kept pulling.

I have not found anything to cause me to walk on street view but I have stumbled into interesting aspects of consideration as a result. Maybe everyone is doing this already and saying "welcome to the club" but I thought I'd share anyway.