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Our Summer session was so successful that we decided to have another Getting the Most Out of Searchfunder session this Fall. Please save the date. for Tuesday 9/29.

In this session, you'll network with other searchers, ask questions, learn best practices and view features that are our hidden treasures. Some things we're likely to cover:

* How to see posts you've commented on
* SearchfundMatch - how to be matched with interested investors
* DealMatch - how to match your deal to investors and lenders
* DealExchange - how to find a business to buy on Searchfunder
* Ways to network on Searchfunder by location, school or affinity group
* Access to industry reports
* How to find information relevant to your region or stage of search

Whether you just started or have been at it for awhile, feel free to join us.

Searchfunder Sessions is an information series on the features of the Searchfunder community so that our members get the most out of their membership. During each Session, you will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions. Feel free to post a question or comment below or DM ^[redacted]‌.

Searching is better together.

Your Searchfunder team
Luke, Mark, and Karen

A prize will be awarded for the best background (real or virtual).