We have a wonderful lineup of events for you to kick off the New Year. We host 3 types of events:

  • * S.O.S.: Searchfunder Ops Sessions - geared toward the operational issues current and future operators face

  • * Searchfunder Sessions - focusing on issues relevant to those who are exploring the concept of search or are actively searching for an acquisition target

  • * Searchfunder MeetUps - hosted networking or brainstorming sessions based on affinity such as type of search, regional location, gender, race. We look forward to hosting meetups for our self-funded searchers, women, people of color, interns and UK searchers, among many others in the coming year.

Please click this link to download a PDF of the January calendar. Click on any event in the PDF to go to its registration page

We are regularly adding new and last minute events to the calendar as opportunities pp up. So, please keep an eye on the your event calendar on the right side of your timeline for the most current and accurate information.

If you have a suggestion for a guest speaker or a topic, please let us know.

For all Searchfunder events and other events of interest to searcher, our member may find them on the right side of their home Timeline page or by going to our event page.