Hello all,

My name is Lucas Barreto, and I am from Brazil where I plan to do my search.

I am in my second year of my MBA at IESE Business school, mechanical engineer by training, I have no previous deal sourcing experience and am looking for recommendations on how I can better present and fortify my profile for investors.

I bring with me 6 years of experience between the Oil and Gas, Aviation & Biomass energy sectors, having been responsible for international projects and teams in Brazil, in the U.K. and in the United Arab Emirates.

I have worked in projects in R&D, product design, procurement, manufacturing, and maintenance roles, covering nearly the entire value chain of product development.

Pre-MBA I participated in a project for the creation of a new school model in Brazil and presented my findings for 500 people in Brasilia, and during the MBA I won first prize at the IESE Hackathon for a C2C sales start-up concept to help street food vendors post-COVID19.

To complement my operational experience with strategy and marketing, I carried out two internships during the summer, one at a large Brazilian agroindustry business and another in a small nanotechnology start-up in Barcelona.

I am currently writing my PPM and evaluating how to best present my strengths and fortify the lack of deal sourcing experience.

Learnings from people with similar profiles are greatly appreciated

Many thanks and all guiding counsel is welcome!