...everyone - even your not-so-bright cousin would have done it.

SMB Twitter is better, but there’s still a lot of fluff.

And a lot of people are doing things the hard way.

Here are 2 game changers to help you close on that deal.

  1. Think of yourself as a mini-private equity firm.

  2. Hire an intern team and create a team of A players.

“But I’m not big enough to need a team.”

Don’t think of yourself as a searcher, that’s limiting. Any PE fund has a team, you should too.

My intern team rocks. Yours can too.

After 20 years of business, they are one of my favorite teams. I brag about them, test new leadership techniques with them, and watch them grow and exceed their goals.

Yes, teams come with headaches, but an A+ team saves you a ton more headaches.

And they’re “free”.

“Free” because they still demand that you be a f—ing leader and that’s a good experience for your post-close team.

If you’re a solid leader, A+ players will follow you, but if you’re not, they walk.

Interns have left other positions to put in more hours at YOLO Companies.

We even have a leave of absence program, so they can work in investment banking or take care of family commitments during the summer and return in the fall.

One cried at the thought of having to leave.

One chose to search and model while traveling to France with family on his first trip outside the US.

They ask to stay because they “feel connected to something bigger.”