Former searcher/operator raising growth equity capital in Q4/Q1 for behavioral health company.

Former searcher/operator with The Pet Loss Center (pet cremation business), moving from 2 locations to 8 locations, with an exit in###-###-#### Currently operating Sophros Recovery, an addiction/mental health dual diagnosis treatment facility in North Florida. Starting in late 2021, we provide partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and outpatient services focused on client needs, clinical outcomes, dual dignosis treatment, and mindfulness. Strongly mission driven, with the mission of helping clients regain their lives and improving the landscape of PHP/IOP treatment nationwide. Based on rapid growth and success in Y1, we are looking to expand the platform to 3-5 additional locations in 2023, through denovo and/or acquisition, and we are looking for a couple additional investors to supplement our small friends/family group.

Starting very early capital conversations to identify the right fit for partners for our $2-4mm round, and happy to speak to either individuals or small funds focused on behavioral health. Still open to structure at this time. Please feel free to reach out, and I’m happy to share more background about myself, the industry, and Sophros Recovery.