After investigating a little, it appears that the vast majority of search fund names end in either "Capital" or "Partners"... As a solo-searcher, I feel that "Partners" would create more conversational problems for me than it would solve, and Jim Stein Sharpe makes a pretty strong case (link below) that "Capital" could result in sellers assuming that my pockets are deeper than they are or that my attention will be divided among a portfolio of companies (which it won't).

Is anyone aware of alternative naming conventions that would be more seller-friendly?

One idea that I've considered is using "Acquisition Corp.", which is still more formal than I'd like, but at least it's singular and could be explained as an investment vehicle to acquire exactly one company to personally run. An added bonus, beyond being potentially less confusing perception, is that it would be much, much easier to register a corporate name and web domain if I avoid the herd.

I am in the early stages of brainstorming corporation names for my search fund (in Canada in case that matters).

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