Hello Searchfunders, I'm looking for investors familiar with not only GovCon but some of the set-aside contracts associated with being an SDVOSB and 8(a) firm. The target has signed my LOI, and I'm heading towards closing. I'm seeking investors that know the space and understand the complexities of equity ownership with these certifications. I have a structure outlined that will work, but I'd like more capital infused with experience in the space. The acquisition is currently selling in a 100% commercial environment now. After the close, the goal would be to learn all of the clients, and employees, then begin to route the certifications for SDVOSB and 8(a) status. I look forward to partnering with organizations in the healthcare, construction, or technology space to create joint ventures that we can both benefit from. From what we have studied in the GovCon space, this is not a prime target for being a Prime contractor but an excellent target for teaming agreements. And as a manufacturer, our NAICS Code limit is not based on revenues but the headcount of people in the organization.

I'm open to any ideas, and thanks for listening.