I see a lot of people are scared of delegating their tasks due to some bad experience or fear of not having it done as they would have done.

They end up doing admin tasks such as doing outreach on LinkedIn, and Facebook, researching information and contact database, managing leads/conversations in CRM software and whatnot.

All of the tasks are important but you as the driving force of the business should not be spending your time on these tasks.

You can easily hire a VA at the cost of $6-$15 per hour based on the requirement and see your tasks being done while you focus on the more important things.

If you are looking for someone to delegate your tasks, you are just one email away from getting it sorted.

Write an email to me at --@----.com your requirements and I will let you know how can I make your life easy. :)

PS: Do not wait for Christmas, send the email right away.