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I wanted to put a post on Searchfunder to share some of the background detail on my company and the service that I provide to searchers in the ETA community.

Back in May of this year, I started a commercial loan brokerage company focused specifically on helping entrepreneurs working on business acquisitions. I primarily work with searchers that are looking for the best financing terms for their business acquisitions.

Each bank and lender has its own distinct credit box and requirements for business acquisitions. Some banks want to see that a searcher has experience in the industry of the target company that the searcher is buying. For other banks, the industry background of the searcher is not as important.

Each bank also has its own specific requirement when it comes to debt service coverage ratios. Some banks (on the more conservative side) want to see debt service coverage of at least 1.50x. Others are fine with lower.

Each bank also has a framework for pricing with business acquisitions. On the more aggressive side, I have seen as low as Prime + 1.75%. On the higher side of the spectrum, I have seen up to Prime + 2.75%. The terms typically vary based on the strength of the deal, the sponsor involved in the deal, and other factors as well.

Prior to starting this firm, I worked in the SBA lending space in middle office roles for about 7 years at some of the largest SBA banks in the U.S. from an annual loan volume aspect including Live Oak Bank and Byline Bank, as well as some others.

One of the insights that I can help searchers with that I engage is navigating time critical items that often are first brought up post loan approval. For example, life insurance, navigating through the process of obtaining a landlord's sign off on a landlord agreement, and also the process of obtaining a new lease or an assumption of an existing lease, as well as numerous other items.

The best part of working with me as a searcher is that I get paid by the bank that you are working with after your loan closes and funds, so there is no cost to work with me (other than a good faith deposit), which you get back if I either can't get your loan approved by an SBA lender, or after your loan closes and funds.

If you're interested learning more about my firm, please feel welcome to visit my website below:


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