I am a foreign national who, alongside my US partner, has just been approved by an SBA lender for a loan to make our first acquisition. However, the bank has said I must provide a social security number to complete the deal. Of course, being a foreign national I do not have an SSN and getting one is unlikely. We are ready to sign the purchase agreement with the seller are now scrambling to find a solution.

My understanding was that if one of the two loan applicants was a US citizen, with the US citizen being a majority shareholder, it doesn't matter if I have a SSN or not. I would like to know from any SBA lenders or foreign nationals who have been through this
process what your interpretation of the SBA requirements are, and if there are SBA lenders who will not make a SSN a requirement. Or if there are any workarounds.

Any insight, comments, or thoughts are welcome.

Thank you,