I am a self-funded searcher working alone and targeting SBA 7a financing in the $2.5MM - $4.5MM range. I am targeting 10% equity, or 5% equity with 5% sellers' contribution / secondary note. I want to get my finances together before speaking with lenders and would appreciate your advice.

1. Collateral: I have real estate investments held and operated in single-member LLCs. Income and taxes pass through to our (married filing jointly###-###-#### Being in Texas, I think our family home falls under homestead exemption. Would lenders see the RE LLCs as a risk-reduction, as the diversified cash flow would improve my ability to repay debt, or would they want to put the RE LLCs / properties as collateral? All properties except our house are fully owned / no existing liens.

2. School Debt: I have paid down most of my non-mortgage debt (MBA loans) but switched to prioritizing cash. Does cash on hand outweigh personal debt (under some debt-to-income ratio)? We have high credit scores, though I know that is less of a factor.

Thanks, everyone.