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The Seller established the Company 35 years ago and has built a industry leading recruiting firm that focuses exclusively on placements for sales organizations. A savvy early adopter/believer in the power of leveraging technology to enhance his recruiting efforts, the Owner has built an SEO’d powerhouse with a unique web site branded specifically to build organic growth from job seekers looking for their next great sales job and the companies that hire them.

The company website produces over 18k visitors a month with 13K unique visitors. In addition to the company’s namesake domain, the company website is cross-linked to over 150 unique web domains that are specific to the Sales Recruitment industry and that will be included in the sale of the business!

After many years of building the business through dramatic changes in technology and steady organic growth, the Seller is ready to retire and hand the reins of the business to a new owner who can leverage his success and take this business to the next level.

The Seller offers a transition and training period post sale on an as-needed or to-be-determined basis. While his ultimate desire is to retire from the Business, the Seller is willing to stay on short-term in a capacity most helpful to all parties. This period may be negotiated pre-sale of the Business. All terms of such transition are negotiable, as the Seller’s desire is to facilitate a transition that is most beneficial to the Buyer.

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Detailed Information

Facilities: The seller owns the leased space, but most everyone works remotely.

Competition: There is plentiful competition for recruiting companies, however, there are not many companies as well-positioned to leverage technology in such a way that they could become leading online job portals for the very large niche sales recruiting market.

Growth & Expansion: Hiring a salesperson to establish more affiliate relationships with other recruiting firms and direct with company HR departments could allow the Company to significantly increase the number of job listings and establish the Company as a “portal” for all things related to sales jobs on the web.

Financing: TBD if structure and terms are acceptable.

Support & Training: To ensure a smooth transition and ongoing success the Sellers will work with a buyer as needed for three months, and up to six months as on-call consultants, or as negotiated.

Reason for Selling: The Seller is nearing retirement age.

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