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The company was founded in 2014 by the CEO and another individual who were intimately familiar with the challenges between hospital staffs and medical device vendors. They bootstrapped the company and within the first few months of operations, two of the largest health care organizations endorsed their concept, ran a successful pilot, and purchased the system. With only a limited staff of five full and part time people, the company has refined their offering and have 90 installations in 70 hospitals: (there are an estimated about 6,000 potential hospital customers in the US and an estimated 10,000 surgery center customers). The company is currently in discussions with a 150-unit hospital organization, which, if consummated, would increase annualized revenues to over $4M over an 18-month period. Ownership desires to sell the company to an entity with a strong national sales and marketing team that can support wide deployment as well as continue to expand the offering through additional software development.

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