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Project Tactical has developed a comprehensive business intelligence solution catering to consultants, technology firms, and aerospace & defense companies. Their streamlined SaaS product offers invaluable insights into government spending data. The solution comprises five components covering DoD/NASA budget intelligence, U.S. government spending, government contractor information, and military equipment data. As of the end of 2023, Project Tactical boasted an impressive $266k in ARR and a robust cash flow of $221k. With a remarkable 100% FCF cash conversion rate, the company exhibits significant operating leverage conducive to sustainable growth. Presently, the Company's owners are seeking a liquidity event—one of whom retired at the close of 2021, leaving the other to oversee operations. Notably, the company lacks a dedicated sales/marketing function, relying primarily on word-of-mouth for growth. This presents a unique opportunity to acquire a cashflow-positive business with robust IP that enjoys a loyal customer base. With minimal investment in sales/marketing resources or usage of a strategics existing infrastructure, an acquirer could rapidly scale the company.

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