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Dive into a high-value podcast featuring Kevin Petersen, an accomplished authority in the SaaS acquisition sphere. The interview offers a succinct yet enlightening introduction to Petersen's background and his expertise in procuring SaaS companies.

At the core of the interview is Petersen's strategic approach to SaaS acquisitions, highlighted through his creation of the Growth Stack - a purposeful endeavor aimed at acquiring SaaS companies. He shares actionable insights from his journey, starting from his initial foray into the SaaS acquisition landscape.

A significant aspect of Petersen's trajectory is his decision to pursue a de facto MBA, lessons learned from micro acquisitions. This underscores the practical value of education in shaping real-world business ventures.

The interview navigates key aspects of SaaS acquisitions, encompassing competition analysis, effective negotiation strategies for off-market deals, and the driving forces compelling SaaS founders to sell their ventures.

Petersen emphasizes the significance of cultivating personal relationships with sellers and his preference for bootstrapped SaaS companies. He also distinguishes between negotiating with bootstrapped versus venture capital-backed sellers, shedding light on distinct negotiation dynamics.

The interview concludes with insights into financing strategies for acquisitions and a glimpse into the SaaS mastermind community.

For practical insights into the world of SaaS acquisitions, negotiation tactics, and the evolving entrepreneurial landscape, tune in to this podcast featuring Kevin Petersen. Gain actionable takeaways that deepen your understanding of SaaS business acquisitions and strategic growth.


00:00 This episode is sponsored by the Magnolia Firm Co.

00:42 Intro to Kevin Petersen

18:45 Launching Growth Stack - acquiring SaaS companies

24:43 Where he started buying SaaS

25:45 Getting his MBA with micro acquisitions

29:43 Rapid Acquisition Club: Let the Magnolia Firm Sell your business

31:05 When someone offers you 2X your money in 90 days...

34:49 Tell me about the competition

38:50 How long it take to Negotiate off market deals

40:50 The #1 Reason why SaaS founders sell

41:45 Why you develop personal relationships with sellers

43:52 Why he only buys bootstrapped SaaS companies

48:03 Difference between negotiating bootstrapped sellers and VC backed sellers

51:19 Developing the skill of patience

54:01 Deal Sourcing today and negotiating with Brokers

56:05 How he finances his deals

1:05:05 SaaS mastermind

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