Hi Community:

We are a boutique “independent sponsor/SF private equity firm” in Canada with global ambitions and an LP investor base scattered between the US, Canada, and the Middle East. We are currently in the middle of putting M&A transactions together for the roll-up of rotary equipment assets in Canada, and we are looking to a cumulative EBITDA of $3MM to $5MM broken-down between 3 to 5 assets. Submitted the first LOI today and the first deal structure summary is as follow:

$4M CAD - Purchase price: (~3.0x ‘22 EBITDA) plus closing costs ($130k) and working capital requirements ($500k)/$2.16M - Senior term debt/ $800k - VTB /$800k - Earnout structure ($400k upon successful hiring of GM for 6 months & $400k if NTM revenue is greater than $4.5M) / $870k – Equity. 8% preferred return, 20% carry

We are off to races on raising the LP investment and financing. If you are interested to help or learn more please DM me. I can be reached out at --@----.com too.