For those of you self-funded searchers who are considering purchasing a roofing company, please review the below third-party deals trading ~3x EBITDA (figures based solely on the public listings). I would fund ‘zero-rate’ preferred equity at a 2.0x step-up if I like the deal. See below summaries and links to the listings at the bottom:

Nebraska – $4.9M at 0.4x revenue and 1.8x EBITDA of $2.7M Hawaii – $4.9M at 0.9x revenue and 3.2x EBITDA or $1.6M Indiana – $3M at 0.4x revenue and 3.0x EBITDA of $1M Ohio – $2.4M at 0.6x revenue and 2.7x EBITDA of $900k

Nebraska –

Hawaii –

Indiana –

Ohio –

You can reach me below or at if you review the broker packages and want to discuss the possibility of my funding the preferred equity needs, or if you're otherwise interested in the property services space and want to have an introductory call. I can offer zero-rate preferred equity i.e. no hurdle rate if I'm the sole outside equity. Best, Jeff