I have enjoyed reading the posts from all of you as you grapple with finding the right company; searching for structures and querying ways to grow and increase ROI. I have been in M & A for 41 years and have built several rapidly growing firms over those decades including the largest environmental engineering firm in the country at the time. . Most were by a well designed roll up plan including a financial model, cap tables, operating agreement and legal structure, and then execution of the design. My firm and I are known for roll ups.

If you have a platform, or planning to buy a company and need guidance on any aspect, but in particular how to grow it (not all companies are candidates for a platform based roll up), especially if you want to scale it rapidly through roll up, I would be happy to talk with you. You can do it the hard way by learning from your successes and mistakes as we did, or you can short cut that and learn from our successes and mistakes.. The latter is more efficient.. Give me a shout at --@----.com if you would like to discuss. Happy Holidays