Radiance Mental Health

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COMPANY DESCRIPTION As a startup, our goal is to acquire an existing small mental healthcare business by year end and add to the overall mission of this industry: to lift the burden of mental illness off people’s shoulders through investment and innovation in mental health. We will accomplish this mission by smartly purchasing a small business within this industry, mastering the operations, and adding value by introducing effective business practices and emerging clinical and technological innovations arising in this field.

There are several features that allow this industry to thrive. The sector is poised for growth and increasing demand in the coming decade. The demand comes not only from decreasing stigmatization of mental health but also from supportive government and corporate policies. The average age of a psychiatrist is in their mid-50’s, creating opportunities for succession. In addition, no business in this sector controls more than 5% of the market share.

This industry also performs well during recessions, as economic stressors exacerbate mental illness and thus increase demand. Looking decades into the future, automation and outsourcing will not phase this industry out as it must be done by American professionals. Lastly, several clinical and technological innovations are spearheading their way to add value to patients’ lives such as TMS, telehealth, AI, and alternative psychoactive compounds.

Mental health is extremely important to the well-being of a nation, especially given the opioid crises, economic chaos caused by Covid, and wave of gun violence in the country. Mental illness is cited as one of the leading causes of causing disability in the workplace, causing billions in lost productivity. In addition, 1 in 5 Americans will experience mental illness in a given year. Lastly, suicide is one of the leading killers of young individuals in the United States.

INTERNSHIP DESCRIPTION Your education and learning are of utmost importance during this internship. As such, hands-on training as well as reading assignments will be provided, with direct access to the founder. Should you desire to do this internship for credit, let us know so we can make the proper arrangements.

-Part-time, 10 – 15 hours/week -Flexible work schedule. Set your own hours -Training will be provided -Fully remote -Unpaid

RESPONSIBILITIES (in order of importance) -Meet once a week with the founder for training and updates -Filter databases and lists for potential small mental healthcare businesses for sale -Find the owner contact information -Develop informative and streamlined lead lists -Search and outbound for potential banks/brokers to work with -Draft direct electronic and mail communications with owners -Potentially create informative content both on the website and LinkedIn company page

DESIRED/PREFERRED SKILLS (in order of importance) -Use of Google Sheets and Docs -A willingness to learn and be coached -Experience/knowledge/study and/or strong interest in mental health -Sales/communication (esp. with finance professionals like brokers and bankers) -Writing ability -LinkedIn -Wordpress with elementor (not required)

Please send your resume to [redacted] and a few sentences describing why you feel you would be a good fit for further consideration. Our website is