My father (operator) and I (investor) are looking to acquire a small business in the northeast - primarily focused on NY, CT, NJ, PA, RI, MA, ME, NC, etc. We're based in NY. 

We're looking at starting a holding company and making the first of many acquisitions. We'd love to find brokers/bankers that have worked with other searchers in the past and are familiar with the model as much of our criteria is similar. 

Looking at businesses with the following:
Revenue -$3M to $5M+
EBITDA - $750k to $1.5M
Industry - Agnostic, but biased towards business services and manufacturing 

Any leads would be much appreciated and we're always happy to return the favor and relay names to the next person. I'm sure others on this forum would benefit as well. 

Thanks in advance and happy new year!