Hi all

Note - This can be answered by founders who have gone through an acquisition as well as acquirers who have acquired businesses.

I am a founder in the SaaS space currently in conversation with a PE interested in acquiring a majority of the company (51%) leaving us founders with about 39%. (10% will be employee options).

While the deal details are being worked out, I would love some real perspectives on the following:

1. Titles - We know they will bring in a new CEO and more experienced operators to drive growth in the departments we run. While I do think the new expertise will be good - how will they decide what our roles will be?

2. Salaries - As founders we have paid ourselves below market for a long time. The hope was if we got funding we would get closer to market. In this case, it isn't traditional VC funding, where we would be able to decide - now the PE will decide (I assume). So how do salaries of the founders get altered or decided when the PE takes over operations?

3. Expectations & Terms - From what we've heard in conversations with them, they say they are founder friendly - but I'll only believe it when I see it. What are your experiences of working in the company you founded with a minority stake post acquisition - any goals you were asked to meet, etc? Are there terms that can risk you losing your final exit equity when they sell the company a few years later?

Thank you all for your help! Your guidance and perspectives will help. If we go through with being acquired, I look forward to returning here as an acquirer :)