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Location-independent with remote operations in a high-growth, niche market Listing Description: The Company offers high-quality home decor products, specifically planters and vases; they grew to a multi-million-dollar company within the past two years, capturing organic demand with limited competition. They have diversified revenue from six direct-to-consumer channels and over 1000 wholesale relationships. Each channel has enormous growth potential with no competitors that offer the same product style and availability across all channels. The Company began as a direct-to-consumer brand selling on their own website and online marketplaces. Consumers love their trendy products, reflected by an average 4.7-star review score and frequent repeat purchases. They added a wholesale program which grew to over 1000 wholesale customers. The Company offers quality and service that wholesale competitors cannot match (poor quality, high price points, and long lead times). They are now a key supplier in the growing boutique retailer industry and will continue gaining market share by supplying high-demand products with a phenomenal retailer experience. The Company offers its customers a delightful order experience from a reliable supply chain and fulfillment network. Their edge comes from two trusted manufacturing partners (China), a reliable freight forwarder, and two capable warehouses (US). Consistent availability and short lead times help them offer superior service while competitors scramble to keep up. The houseplant and floral space is rapidly growing. The Company is investing in new planter and vase styles so that they can grow with the industry while capturing additional market share. Beyond greenery, they are also investing in new decor products to become a robust home decor brand. The Company can easily transition to new ownership with automated systems, repeatable processes, a loyal customer base, and a defined product road map. Purchase Considerations The Company offers trendy, quality home decor products. They focus on high demand, low supply styles, offered at an accessible price point with a friendly customer experience. The Company’s automated systems and processes support growth across diverse sales channels. A lean team offers an excellent customer experience on orders ranging from###-###-#### ,000 units. The Company’s supply chain is nimble, reactivating to market changes and supply disruptions with speed and agility. Trusted manufacturers, freight forwarders and warehouses help them react to market conditions and prevent service disruptions. No one beats their price point, quality, functionality and style. Healthy margins allow retailers to earn more per sale so they prominently feature the Company’s products. 1-2 week order lead times help win repeat customers (60%+ repeat customer rate). The Company uses data analysis to make key decisions regarding inventory forecasting, customer acquisition, product pricing and new product launches. The Company manufactures ceramic planters and vases. The Company invests in quality materials with an emphasis on quality control to delight customers. There is tremendous opportunity to partner with new boutique retailers who are desperate for high quality, trendy home decor products. Certain principals of Raincatcher are registered representatives offering securities and investment banking services through Britehorn Securities, a registered broker-dealer (member FINRA/SIPC). Britehorn Securities and Raincatcher are not affiliated entities. To learn more about this business, please click on the following link: http://www.raincatcher.com/listings/home-decor-ecommerce and click "LOGIN OR REGISTER TO REQUEST MORE INFORMATION" and “CLICK HERE TO REGISTER” If this is the first time you have signed an NDA with Raincatcher, we will need to have a conversation with you to verify the information entered and give you full access to view all of the Raincatcher listings. We will only need to go through this process once, moving forward you will be able to use your username and password to view all listings and slide decks.

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