Figured I would share after just coming across this interesting concept and one I am still working to wrap my head around. Wanted to get this around others to poke holes in and/or shed light on additional use cases. Most direct applications that I see would be for large CAPEX, organic growth capital, investor buyout, Bolt-Ons, etc.

The two most applicable JOBS ACT of 2012 Exempt Offerings would be the:
Regulation CF: $5M limit Reg A Tier I: $20M limit

2020 Stats
$140M raised
1,085 cities 447 Industries 750k investors
(On track to reach $400M+ in 2021 with $121M raised in just Q1 2021 so far)

5 Methods
Debt • Bond
• Term Loan • Revenue Share Agreement (RSA) Equity • Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE) • Sell Shares

A few Key Components
--You as the issuer define the terms. (ex. Issuing a “Patriot Business Bond” with a 10% coupon, Interest only payments (semi-annual), 5-year maturity)
--Offering the public an exempt security. Open to both Retail and Accredited investors.
--Raise capital and test the market at the same time
--Unlock the potential for Self-Directed IRAs to participate

Time: 4-15 months
Cost: $6k - 12k and 8% of raise

Please feel free to reach out directly to John (contact info below) or I am happy to facilitate a warm introduction as well.

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^Searchfunder member‌ - John would love to facilitate a webinar with the SearchFunder group if that would be of interest. His overview is about 90 minutes so would probably have to be one of the longer ones.