Hi everyone, when I created PEmarketplace it was originally intended it to be only be a tool for M&A Advisors to find buyers more efficiently than BizBuySell and Axial (which is still our core focus).

After spending time on Searchfunder, we realized there was a major opportunity to also provide acquisition entrepreneurs with a tool to help raise debt or equity capital for deals they have under LOI. We can share your deal with investors on and off our platform, we feature a free data room, and have tools to communicate investor updates as your diligence progresses.

Our mission is to be the best deal origination tool for both the buy-side and sell-side, so this is a critical feature for us as our user base continues to grow.

Please direct message me if you would like more information.

Thanks again to everyone for all of their input & feedback to help us get to this point.

All the best,