Hi everyone, excited to get involved in this community and start chatting with y’all! Been taking advantage of the educational webinars and reading a lot of materials posted without participating actively so far.

Coming into the search field from a transaction advisory and due diligence consulting background as a generalist across industries. Been focused on companies within the specialty finance space for the past ~2 years, but have previous experience within education, healthcare, real estate and professional services verticals.

I anticipate building my knowledge base and refining my plan over the immediate future in order to eventually go through a self-funded search process. Would be interested in discussing how others have focused their efforts on certain industries and conducted outreach in both targeted industries and geographies. Additionally, if anyone is working on an opportunity in a vertical that ties in with my history, I’d be happy to discuss as a sounding board for your ideas/concerns.

Feel free to reach out anytime and thanks in advance for the opportunity to connect,

Connor Email: [redacted] Phone: [redacted]