These are among the questions being asked by people wanting to buy or sell businesses.
Especially pre-LOI.

Besides me, guest presenters:

Dan Precourt (Searcher)

David Barnett (Dealmaker)

Nancy Fallon-Houle (M&A Lawyer)

We'll address some of them, and others, July 28, on Zoom:

What’s the purpose of preliminary due diligence?
How do brokers and sellers view self-funded buyers versus search funds?
What should buyers and sellers do before Prep-LOI Due Diligence?
When (and how) does it begin?
Why is it important?
What goes wrong during prep-LOI due diligence?
What kinds of vulnerabilities can be fatal?
What about (flexing) working capital?
What about employees, customers, suppliers, sources of financing?
How deeply should I probe, anticipating seller Reps and Warranties?
How much do I collaborate with sellers/brokers about the pending LOI?
How can I use it to make a better deal?
What do brokers think about prep-LOI due diligence?
What if the price buyers propose is not justified after the LOI?
What about if buyer competition is present?
What are the roles of my advisory team during prep-LOI diligence?
What is the scope of due diligence before submitting an LOI?
What is a reasonable budget for professional fees?
Where can I get a checklist?
How am I supposed to cope with the abundance of docs and data?
What if I can’t afford paying to outsource due diligence?
What are the considerations for outsourcing due diligence?