I know there have been a few threads about QofE recommendations/referrals on here before but I wanted to let everyone know that the person we have used for all of our deals is looking to take on more search fund work.  You can read more in the company bio below, but from a personal take, Brent Crossman at Old Port Consulting is easily the best bang for the buck when it comes to financial DD and QofE work.  He has worked in PE previously, which gives him a valuable perspective when doing diligence and his ability to analyze voluminous amounts of raw, mostly unstructured data that is shocking to me (and an incredible value add).  Chenmark only has a couple of service providers we use unanimously, and Brent Crossman is one of them.  As much as it pains me to think how busy he will be going forward, I would recommend anyone here looking for QofE and/or Financial DD help should reach out to Brent.  I am happy to serve as a reference.

Brent Crossman --@----.com Old Port Consulting

Old Port Consulting is a transaction services firm focused on providing due diligence and financial analysis to acquirers of middle market companies. OPC's review goes beyond a simple confirmation of whether the target's financials are in accordance with GAAP and actually digs into the quality of earnings and the likelihood of the target continuing to achieve those earnings. To do this, they combine detail oriented accounting diligence, private equity experience, and predictive analytics which highlights critical data and insights. A key step in making the right acquisition decision is choosing the right service providers during the acquisition process. As your partner, Old Port Consulting will ensure that you have the best information and understanding of your target's financial position, and better information will lead to better decisions.