I had the pleasure of working with Patrick O'Connell at O'Connell Advisory Group, who assisted with financial due diligence for an acquisition. Patrick's commendable attributes, including attention to detail, effectiveness, and flexibility, were consistently evident throughout the quality of earnings review.

His unwavering support spanned various facets of the process, encompassing timely responses to inquiries through insightful phone calls and in-depth meetings with sellers to scrutinize financials and operational data thoroughly. Patrick's expertise shone particularly in presenting numerical data and identifying potential issues, aligning seamlessly with the core objectives of the audit. Crucially, his methods not only equipped me with essential information for making informed decisions on the acquisition but also instilled a valuable perspective of thinking outside the box. This newfound insight proved instrumental in the renegotiation of terms for the acquisition.

If you are in need of top-notch Financial Due Diligence and Quality of Earnings services, I wholeheartedly recommend Patrick O'Connell at O'Connell Advisory Group as the expert to trust."