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The current owner is a master at publishing great content, and attracting consistent, targeted traffic. However, the business has not been optimized for revenue. But the potential here is HUGE. The current lowest industry average cost per visitor is $2.04. This business will generate 2,970,000 visitors in 2022 Multiply $2.04 x 2,970,000 = $6,058,800 That’s the value of the traffic to this business for just one year! This business has mastered the art of attracting this exact same high-demand traffic for pennies per visitor. This traffic has been generated over years and years of building high-quality, organic traffic that is consistent, inexpensive, and LONG TERM. Acquiring this business would make a perfect strategic investment for * High-volume job board * Outplacement agency * Staffing company * Large company that wants to in-source their recruitment efforts. A smart buyer will get access to immediate job-seeker traffic without paying a fortune to Facebook and Google Seller is highly flexible: Open to offers, strategic partnerships, acqui-hire, earn-out or other creative financing arrangements.

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